Clear Price. No Surprise.

Bid Writing and Capture Planning

Have you identified your win theme and what your unique selling points (USPs) are? If not, our bid writers and our complete tender management service can help you to leverage even the smallest advantage into a contract-winning idea. All companies need an edge. So, whether you are a small independent company, an SME or a blue chip PLC, we can help you to build a persuasive and compelling narrative into your tender responses, which will win you more work.

Design, Layout and Formatting

E-tendering has not removed the ability to add a design element to your submission in the tender process. Even the use of white space, bullets and standardised indents and font can make a difference in terms of readability, which should not be overlooked. Our bid writers and designers take all this into account as part of our writing and tender management services when presenting your final draft of tender responses.

Governance & Review

No one can effectively review their own work, and therefore our tender management service includes review and governance based on the industry best practices and know-how by our experienced Bid management team.

Your Bid, Your Choice

You remain in control of the final version via structured meetings, reviews and the use of our bespoke bid management process.

Regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of the bid, our bid and tender management services have been proven to be successful for managing a variety of bids and increasing your chances of winning another contract. Our bid management service can be provided either on site or remotely, or by using a blended approach of embedded staff with remote support from our office. We also provide interim bid managers for longer-term projects.

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